In the fairytale world of Love, breakups are a new trend.

Love is a blessing, but only if you get to cherish the full form of it.

Heartbreaks are a curse. And I totally know how it feels when someone leaves you for some unknown reasons. Afterall, I’ve been into that situation as well.

A Breakup is something that can build you up. But only if you know how to use your energy in the right way. And obviously, when a heart breaks all we want to do is cry and beg that person to take you back. No body wishes to build themselves on that very moment.

I know your mind is stuck and your heart beats for that person. I know you dreamt of your future together but unfortunately it couldn’t happen.

Relax! Its fine. Everything will be fine. Trust me.

Okay! Just ask yourself once

  • Do you really want him/her back in life?
  • Does that person deserve you?
  • Would he/she be feeling the same pain like you?
  • Is he/she more important than your self respect? Your Life? Your Career? Your family?

No man! The answer is NO! Nobody is more important than atleast your self respect.

Hold on!

May be you’ll get him back or may be you’ll get yourself. All you need to do is, just follow the following points positively and honestly.


First thing first, Don’t Beg Him. Whatever it is, whatever you feel, never ever plead someone for being in your life. It will not only effect your self respect, but also eradicate the chances of you getting him back.

Don’t contact him for atleast two months. I know its not easy, but you need to do something for your betterment. Focus on YOURSELF for once.

In these two months, you should not text, call or even stalk his accounts on any social media.


By self love I mean, put more efforts in making yourself something rather than wasting your time, energy and talent for someone who left you. Try to enhance your skills and utilise your talent and interests in some work that pays you back. You need to find your inner self, your interests, goals, aims and work on it to become independent.


You need to change. No, not everything, just the negative points. If you are quite emotional, try to become more strong. You need to be a mature, strong, independent, beautiful and welcoming person who is loved by one and all. Be more confident about yourself.


Dress up for yourself. Be more fashionable. Try some new looks, new trends, makeup and more of beautiful dresses preferably. But don’t dress to impress others. Dress to let your inner self know that you are beautiful and you deserve someone who would never leave you. Believe me, you deserve that.


Because why not? Gym will not only tone your body, but it will also let your mind relax. Working out will help you in diverting your mind and use your emotions in a better way. Make gym your priority.


Try to be more active on social medias. Post more selfies, check-ins and badass bossgirl statuses. Be your own date. Pamper yourself and let people know how much you love yourself. This will set some standards for other people who would like to contact you.

He’ll definately try to catch up with you if you do these things. If not him, then atleast you would have your own space and more likely to search for someone better.

If I talk about my personal preference, I have started loving being single. Because why not? I’m happy, independent and more famous and beautiful than before.

What else do you need?

Still if you need someone to talk to, I’m always there. Contact me anytime. I’m there for you.

Be your own love because in this world, no one’s going to take care of your emotional heart❤



19 thoughts on “Breakup!

  1. One has to go thru the pain of heart break to recover fully. Some of the ways you have suggested can be really useful for people going thru this traumatic experience. What one should be wary of at this stage is a rebound relationship as you are susceptible and can fall for a wrong guy just to seek revenge from your ex.
    There is no better revenge when he sees a new fitter, better beautiful Avneet coming out of an Audi A6 holding hands with handsome hunk who has bulging biceps and chiseled body. Nicely written. Keep it up.

    If you want to read the love story of small time boy from Bhatinda who came to Delhi to do his majors in economics then follow the link below .

    Follow the blog if you like the post.

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