Fairy Dress

The wedding season is about to come and we all need to save an extra buck to get our hands on the best dress. So why not prepare yourself before hand?

No, I’m not going to tell you the ways to save money. Rather I’m here to show you what I wore on my cousin’s wedding.

Nowadays, gowns are a trend. Although it seems cliche since everybody is in this gown and floor length game. But everybody atleast once wish to wear that big floor length dress that would attract all the eyes.

Every girl wants to look like the Princess in a Fairytale.

So here’s what my dress looked like. With all the trends in it yet so beautiful.

Here are the keypoints to keep in mind when you buy a gown:

  • The Colour: Always go for a colour that is in trend and also gets along with the fairytale theme. Like royal blue, baby pink, rose gold. Avoid blacks, whites and reds.
  • The Shoulders: Try to get a different shoulder and neck design. Simply putting a round neck and sleeveless gown will not make it more attractive. Try Backless, broad neck, cold shoulder, off shoulder.
  • Cane Cane: Gowns without a cane is a straight dress nit gown. Always make the skirt more fluffy and flowing. Nothing can beat that blow. Don’t get straight flowing dresses.
  • Makeup: Hey! you need to take care of your makeup. Don’t go over the board with makeup. Minimal, natural makeup looks great with such a heavy dress.
  • Jewelry: We need to balance everything. Heavy dress, light makeup, jewelry should be elegant. Since it is a modern dress, avoid all the pieces. Go as minimal as possible. Wearing just the earrings would do but make sure the earrings are beautiful and heavy according to the dress and complimenting the makeup you wore.
  • Heels: Always go for high heels. Gowns, long dresses doesn’t look good on shorties.

Okay! That’s enough and you don’t need to follow all the rules. Its YOUR dress YOUR rules. Customize according to you. Because you are your own stylist. Be beautiful like you are.

Love Love!


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