A Sorry Letter!

Hey Man!

(Who-so-ever is Reading this)

We may not know each other. We may not be friends. We may not have any relationship. But I wish to write this letter to you. To all of you who might have faced this situation somewhere someday.


I wish to say Sorry to all the boys who have ever been judged, hurt, misunderstood. I’m sorry that some girl, someday hurt you or left you for no reason. I’m sorry for all the posts that claimed “All Boys Are The Same“. I’m sorry that you were judged in public for being a boy. I’m sorry that no one really cared about your intentions. I’m sorry for everything you had been through or have to go through.
I know people usually give importance to a girl’s feelings over boy’s. I know girls suffering are more visible than you guys! I know you are always asked to hide your emotions! You are asked to be a Man and not a pussy! I’m sorry for all that!
But please, don’t treat yourself bad. Don’t hurt yourself or someone else just because someone left you. No one deserves that. Not you. Not anyone else. If somebody hurt you, doesn’t mean you were wrong. If someone hurt you, doesn’t mean you have to return the favour. Please treat yourself and others well. Don’t change yourself for the sake of others. If there are people who don’t care, there are definitely those who would give you all the care and love you deserve. Just be patient, kind, loving and shower respect that you want. Not everyone is the same. Just wait to find that perfect someone!
YOU ARE IMPORTANT. For yourself, your friends, your family, maybe your unknown lover (you never know) Please don’t take any step that you may regret forever.

Take Care.

Much love and respect to you❤️

Just Another Girl!

7 thoughts on “A Sorry Letter!

    1. Indeed. I always feel bad for my friends who actually have suffered heartbreaks and can’t even cry. There are so many boys in the crowd who actually feel scared to be beside a girl. Because, how will she react to their presence. This is everywhere!!


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