Fake Feminism!

So, yesterday, I was standing in a crowded place with some random girl whose bra strap was showing. Okay I know its normal. I know every girl wears it. I know there’s nothing to be hushed about or stare at.
But my concern was if I should tell her or stay silent.! For the very first time I found this thought strange. I’ll tell you why!
Nowadays feminists and their feminism has made this “Bra strap is normal” soooo famous and *abnormal* that I wasn’t really sure how would that girl react. I don’t know if she too was a fake feminist or just another girl who would not want her bra strap showing. I wasn’t sure if she would thank me or slap me. I wasn’t sure if I would be doing a favour or insulting yet another woman and feminism.
I know bras are totally a normal thing, I too wear one. But don’t you think these “bras are normal” have actually made this more of an issue now? I mean what do you want us to do? To hide it or show it off? I know its a woman’s personal choice. But should I tell her or let her be? And if I let her be, do you think she, too, is a strong, independent, confident girl who would not mind her strap being out in public. I know its normal but I don’t think every girl would be comfortable with it. Then what should we do???
And thus, fake feminism not just made it difficult to decide but rather made it more difficult to reach out other women! And in a situation of talking to that girl, I was too scared to approach her..

8 thoughts on “Fake Feminism!

  1. This made me think the same too…This feminism thing has made things more difficult and weird to talk about. Now you have to think twice whether to check a girl for something like a ‘Bra’, though its a norm to talk about.

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    1. Exactly. It has actually made it difficult for everyone. No one dares to smile at strangers because, what would he/she think! And how would they react. This girls are this and girls are that has made our lives more difficult


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