Makeup Studio Ludhiana

Hey you guys! Welcome back to the blog. I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I wanted to share my experience of one of the best makeup studios in the town~ Inder Kaur Makeup Studio.

So recently I went to the studio and got my makeup done by one of her students and I had such a great experience.

Generally she does the makeup by herself but she also gives classes for certificate courses. I don’t have enough knowledge about the courses though. Lemme just show you my makeup look.

I seriously genuinely loved the place. The ambience, staff and Inder mam herself are so nice and humble. Moreover, she taught her students so well about how to do makeup according to the skin, eye structure and customer’s preference. I loved this part specifically. That the makeup done is as unique as person’s face and choice.

If you are from Ludhiana and wish to get your bridal/non-bridal makeup done I think you should definately go to this lady!

Trust me, you’ll love the results!

Thankyou for reading💕


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